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Etc Gel-Tech Comfortable Unisex MTB Saddle


When I tested the Velo Gel Tech bike saddle I fitted it to my favourite whistler mountain bike using the standard seat post clamp it came with and it went on without any trouble using only a spanner to tighten the seat post clamp bolt.

As soon as I sat on this seat, I knew I was going to get on with it: Weather it was the Gel padding or the well designed shaping by those clever people at Velo (Or a combination of both) I'm not sure but when I put my weight on the saddle, the support was so even that I felt as though I'd lost 2 stone.

Starting on a fairly flat road the saddle allowed for a smooth and unrestricted pedalling movement without any of the chafing and need to find a comfortable pedalling position you might expect from some saddles trying to build in comfort at the expense of performance.

Both up and down hill, the feeling of even support was constant and as I progressed over some average cycling tracks and onto some fairly harsh terrain the combination of Gel-Tech support and well designed profile really made it a pleasure to use.

At the end of my test week and about 140 miles later I was in no rush to hand this saddle over to my wife for her to give it a try and as I'm more often seen with my favourite Rav X, "Zone X Comp" saddle I was well surprised.

This is a great mountain bike saddle or a road bike / commuter bike seat for anyone looking for a little more comfort than the average bicycle saddle and as my wife is still using the saddle I'm confident that it is as well suited to a woman's frame.
Date Added: 06/25/2011 by Nick Harrison
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